Local innovation, global impact.

CincyTech has been seeding and building companies for fifteen years. In 2019, we moved offices to the University of Cincinnati's 1819 Innovation Hub and have been partnering with regional university students since to expand their professional experiences and to grow local startups.

Students are amazingly capable. Our vision is to tap into that talent to support the innovation happening right here in Cincinnati. We achieve that by bringing startups to campus for events and in-course projects and by helping companies use students to accomplish meaningful work.

A CincyTech intern sitting at a desk behind a laptop.
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Accelerating Careers

It is challenging to engage startups and students. Established companies offer cyclical internships and recruit many months in advance. Startups are focused on what they need tomorrow. At CincyTech, we've sought to resolve that challenge by building relationships with students who are specifically interested in the startup and innovation economy.

Over 50%
Of our active clients engage with our student community for project work and internships.
The average payment per a micro-internship project of 12 to 15 hours in length.
A CincyTech rep speaking with students at an event.

CincyTech is driven by our core values

We are a team of experts, including scientists, researchers, physicians, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We count ourselves successful if our portfolio companies are successful. Our desire is to help smart founders and their companies dream bigger.

We want to work with others who reflect our core values.

Passion is the fuel that drives our work. Without it, great ideas languish. We respect and mirror the passion of the inventors, founders, and leaders who take great risks so that we may succeed.

We sometimes like to row against the tide. We rely on our Openness to all perspectives, especially those challenging the status quo and seek to solve problems in unexpected ways.

We work with Intensity to solve problems and drive value in our portfolio out of respect for our investors and our companies.

We strive with Optimism to maintain a positive state of mind through the rough patches in our work to inspire others with even more at stake.

Being among the best at anything takes thousands of hours, whether in sports or in business. We respect Mastery and seek it in our own work, learning from our peers, our past, and one another.