What are CincyTech Projects?

Projects are a great way for you to build a collection of work experience. They are short-term, professional assignments that are similar to those you might have in a starting position with CincyTech and our portfolio of startup companies. Projects tend to be standalone and are similar to the types of projects you might do as an intern such as market analysis, data cleansing, or design work. Unlike internships, projects may be available throughout the year even after the traditional hiring season has ended. Projects are a great way to demonstrate your skills, explore different companies, and expand your network.

How Long Do Projects Take?

A project is typically between 10-40 hours.

How Do I Access These Projects?

To hear about upcoming projects, sign up for our email list to receive project announcements. You can also find them when you create an account on Parker Dewey where we post the projects.

How Do I Apply?

Instructions to apply are included when individual projects are announced by email. Typically there is a posting on Parker Dewey.

Who Do I Directly Work With?

It depends on the project. Typically you will work with the project owner. This might be the CEO of a startup, a marketing manager, or an analyst.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

Payment is handled by Parker Dewey. Instructions to set up direct deposit are included when you create your account.

How Do I Receive Feedback?

Whoever you work with will give you feedback. But also don't hesitate to ask directly.

Can Projects be Completed for Academic Credit?

Not at this time

What are the Quality Expectations of the Work?

We expect quality of work to be comparable to a skilled intern. If you find parts of a project challenging, we are here to support you. It's better to raise a challenge during the project then waiting until you submit an incomplete deliverable.

Are Projects On-Site or Remote?

Most projects are remote

How Can I List a Project on my Resume or LinkedIn?

Students are independent contractors and not employees of CincyTech, our startup companies, or Parker Dewey. You can categorize your projects with CincyTech and our companies under a broad "CincyTech Student Projects" with your role as "Independent Consultant" or some variation. Each specific project should then be highlighted separately indicating what you did and the company you worked with.

Your work is subject to the Nondisclosure Agreement in Parker Dewey's Terms of Use. You should be sensitive to the level of detail provided. If there is any concern or confusion over what is considered sensitive information, please ask.

What Startups Can I Work With?

Most of our portfolio has been involved with students. Projects may come from CincyTech or any of our portfolio companies. Check out our portfolio here:

Will I be working with confidential information?

While most projects do not deal with sensitive information, some may. Students are subject to the Nondisclosure Agreement in Parker Dewey's Terms of Use. Ask the project owner for clarification anytime you're uncertain as to the nature of the information you're receiving. Sensitive information may include things such as financials, business plans, new product releases, business partners, and customer lists.

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