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We create opportunities for curious and motivated students to be a part of startups!

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How We Do It

Connect students to startups on-campus and in the classroom.

Offer projects with a direct impact on the success of local startups.

Build pathways to work at startups.




Internships and co-ops are great, but they're limited. CincyTech is creating more opportunity for students to gain exposure to startups with projects. Projects are short-duration (10-40 hours), have discrete deliverables, and are of direct significance to the success of a startup.


Example projects include graphic design for a presentation, market analysis, data cleansing, and content creation.


Jonathan Buck

"For me, working with CincyTech has been a blast. I always leave the office grinning because each day is different and fun. Everyone I've worked with is so full of energy and enthusiasm, and I've learned so much under their mentorship."

Hannah Falcione

"As a busy student-athlete, Cincytech provided me the incredible opportunity to work remotely to grow my portfolio and having this flexibility was amazing. The people here are super accommodating and I continue to enjoy working with them."

Justin Tulloch

"CincyTech has given me priceless experience to grow as a businessman and expand my professional resume. I love the atmosphere of innovation that is infectious as I interact with everyone. I look forward to continue learning from the top minds in Cincinnati."

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Meet some of our Startups

Created by teachers for teachers, Abre is reimagining software for education with an all-in-one platform for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community partners. 

Eccrine is developing a medication monitoring platform that will personalize pharmacotherapy through the non-invasive measurement of drug levels in sweat. 

IncludeHealth leverages technology, data, and design to transform health and wellness. The Include Platform pairs HIPAA compliant cloud software with accessible fitness equipment, producing better outcomes with lower barriers and costs. 

Clarigent is using natural language processing and artificial intelligence for clinical decision support providing insight to clinicians for suicide ideation and other mental health issues.

Enable is engineering an infusion device that is patient-centric. Enable is a startup company focusing on technology with the potential to disrupt the infusion market by allowing at-home delivery of high-volume biologic drugs that otherwise must be delivered intravenously. 

Navistone makes marketing more efficient by combining signals of intent with the most powerful conversion medium, direct mail. 

See the full list of companies in our portfolio here.

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