Do meaningful work with students

We see a dual benefit when startups work with students. Companies offer professional experience to students. Students bring energy and new perspectives to companies. CincyTech Students bridges the gap so you can focus on what you do best.


Students can help you with important tasks that take time. These tasks enhance their capabilities and allow you to focus on strategic vision.

Traditional internships

Recruit from our pipeline of startup-minded students. Internships align with a full semester and allow you to develop a potential full-time hire.

Embed a process

For projects that are routine but vital, consider hiring a student group as a meaningful part of your workforce.

On campus

Universities and students want exposure to startups and innovation. We support initiatives such as in-course projects and student org events.

How to get started with projects

CincyTech Students acts as a bridge to help you attract local university students. When you share an opportunity with us, we amplify the request with students and faculty. Students apply directly to you, and we might refer specific candidates. The project owner makes the hiring decision. We recommend you use Parker Dewey for managing micro-internships.

Identify a need

What needs to get done, but isn't the best use of your time?

Post on Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey handles administration and payments.

Share with CincyTech Students

Add the project to our open positions board to be shared with our community.

Hire a student

Review candidates, make a decision, and let us know when you start the project.

CincyTech speakers in front of a classroom presenting.

About Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey is our partner for managing micro-internships. They built a tremendous network of students to support company needs, increase diverse candidates, and improve hiring outcomes. They also handle all the paperwork normally associated with hiring an independent contractor. Companies pay by invoice, like you would with any other vendor.

Have other openings to share?

Beyond micro-internships, there are three other opportunities you can share with our students.

Sourcing posts are for seeking students with specific skills for a yet-defined project or internship.

Internship posts for the typical part-time or full-time internship experience.

Entry-level job posts that we'll share with aspiring graduates and recent graduates.

How can we help?